It Happened in Setauket, General Washington's Culper Spy Ring

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How did the Culper Spy Ring operation come about?
To answer this question we must start at the beginning.
Here is the Setauket Spy Ring Story - by historian Beverly Tyler.

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Culper Spy Ring Resources

American Heritage
“George Washington, Spymaster” by Thomas Fleming

BBC - The Secrets of the mysterious Culper Spy Ring

Clements Library ,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Spy Letters of the American Revolution 
Most pertinent are “Stories of Spies and Gangs” and “Secret Methods and Techniques.

History Close at Hand
Historian Beverly Tyler’s Listings of historical walking tours, including Walk Through History with Farmer & Spy Abraham Woodhull and articles on the early history of Setauket and Brookhaven Town.

Hollywood & History in AMC's TURN [The Setauket Spy Ring], Some Readings & Contexts
Fact and fiction in Turn, including source materials and true/false quizzes for selected episodes.

Mount Vernon
Spying and espionage in the Revolutionary War and George Washington’s role as one of our nation’s first spymasters.

Mount Vernon
Article about the Culper Spy Ring.

Mount Vernon
The Culper Code Book (digitized).

The Second Continental Light Dragoons
Sheldon's Horse is a congressionally recognized modern continuation of the original 2nd Continental Light Dragoons.

The Sheldon’s Horse Timeline Project
The American Revolution in Connecticut  : George Washington's Cavalry, the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons.

Special Collections, Melville Library, Stony Brook University
George Washington and the Culper Spy Ring.

The Three Village Historical Society in Setauket, NY
Information about the exhibit, Spies : How a Group of Long Island Patriots Helped George Washington Win the Revolution, historical tours and more…  or

Tri-Spy Tours
Margo Arceri will guide cyclists, walkers and kayakers through the actual trails where the British and Patriots once roamed during the Revolutionary War on Long Island. Those participating will follow in the actual footsteps of the Culper Spy Ring, and along the way historical places of interest will be pointed out and discussed.

TURN to a Historian
A historian’s blog, for those seeking historically accurate information and analysis of Turn.

The Ward Melville Heritage Organization
Visit the historic Brewster House, 1665, home of the Joseph Brewster (1735-1818) first-cousin to Caleb Brewster who is thought by some to be the bravest of all the spies. On-site programs for all-ages offered including “Become a Spy” and “The Spy Next Door”.

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"Setauket During the Revolution: What You Didn't Know But Aren't Afraid to Ask"
A panel discussion held on March 15, 2015
at the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library, Setauket, New York.


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